Belle Isle Boat Show

August 6, 2017: Belle Isle

Belle Isle Boat Show at the historic 1902 Detroit Boat Club which is currently under restoration. 10AM – 4PM. Antique and classic boats, rowing race between Detroit and Canada teams, Field of Dreams. Contact: Tim O’Brien 586-978-7105


10:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.: Boat Show


The Michigan Chapter is teaming up with the Friends of Detroit Rowing to host a boat show at the historic 1902 Detroit Boat Club building on Belle Isle, currently under restoration. The public will have the opportunity to enjoy the day viewing antique and classic boats, as well as watching a rowing race between the Detroit and Canadian rowing teams.

The Detroit Boat Club will open for tours displaying many interesting items, including pictures of rowing activity from past years, and the building’s stunning woodwork. There will be picnic grounds with a spectacular water view. Picnic food will also be available.

Boat docks have recently been redone. Dockage will be available for boats coming by water, and there will be a large land display of antique and classic boats located in front of the DBC building for all visitors to see and partake in the events. Of special interest, there will be a Field of Dreams with boats for sale.

Additional Belle Isle attractions well worth seeing are the Dossin Maritime Museum, Aquarium, and Conservatory. A flyer will be mailed with additional details including a registration form.

If you have questions, contact Tim O’Brien at 586‐978‐7105.