Commodore’s Comments

Thursday, June 29, 2017

By: Ann Guldemond, Commodore

 Whew, the 2017 Algonac Boat Show weekend is done.  A LOT of preparation was necessary to make this show run smoothly, down to tying off each entrants’ boat carefully and safely. It is important to us our participants enjoy their time at the show.   I am hoping the group of people that worked so hard, have now recovered.  This is the thank you part, I want to thank all the Chairmen and women listed and not listed in the program, Alan Brenner and Rick Laenen (including Diane) for organizing and putting on one of the best shows we have had. Diane Laenen and Sheila Chaps for their kids’ event which keeps getting better every year, and Al Herr (and Margaret) who made all the seats for the older kids to learn how to use as spoke shave.  We had some adults ask and try their hand also at carving the paddles. Al, a job well done!  The food people, Gale Woods and Joan Graham, the food was awesome, and the breakfast tent was occupied every time I went by on Saturday.  Jack Warren, your idea to take the ACBS International Board members out on the cruisers on Friday night was a stroke of genius.  They, and a couple of our sponsors, had a great time on the river.  Thank you, Shannon Knight, for making sure the board was happy while they were at our show.  I hope they all go away with good memories.  Thank you, Susan Bryson for hosting our last- minute lunch at the Idle Hour Yacht Club, and to Laura, for having us there on such short notice.  It was a great venue!

And, to all the Judges, led by Tim O’Brien, who put in countless hours looking at and inspecting all 52 boats that were judged.  This is a major time consumer for those men and women judging.  Thank you so much for giving us your time.  Next, we had an awesome group working the free boat rides, starting with the organizational skills of Greg Lewandowski. Greg, you pulled it off, and with a smile. To all the men and women and youth that helped suit up and sign up those taking the rides, and providing the rides, a big thank you. Now for docking, awesome job, Andrew Laenen (and Rick).  I saw on the Woody Boater blog, someone made a comment about our lines.  They were what we do to keep everyone’s’ boats safe. Pretty cool designs, if I may say so myself.

Our Friday visit to Henry H Smith Propellers was well attended and really interesting.  I have been to the front desk a zillion times over the years, and now know what goes on inside. It was a little scary when one of the employees knew my name.  Thank you to all who gave their time to take such a large group on a tour, and to Rick Laenen for making it possible.  The Algonac Clay Maritime Museum provided a bus to take folks to the museum and show where Chris Smith and Gar Wood once lived.  Thanks to you too.

Behind the scenes Judi Schoenherr and her group of women decided on and ordered new stuff to sell at Ship Store.  Best year ever for this group.  Way to go!  Gale Woods reported some new members, whick is always great, and Roy Schoenherr kept us all on track as our “humble Treasurer.”  And, oh, my, Jack Jensen, what can I say, AWESOME JOB of keeping track of the entrants and replying to them. Sue Garmhaus, registration, efficient, as usual.  Thank you so much for all your hard work.

I know I forgot someone, I’m sorry, send me an e mail if I did, and I will update, as it took a team effort to make this such an enjoyable and smooth show.

Ann Guldemond