2017 Port Huron Friday Morning Photo Shoot

September 15, 2017: Port Huron

| Photos: Shannon Knight

| When you get four classic cruisers and another dozen runabout size boats out on big flat water at dawn and mix in a little fog, it’s a good time. – Greg Lewandowski

This Photo Shoot generated images and video that we will use to market the 2018 International Boat show right here in Port Huron!

It was an amazing morning – one of the best classic boating experiences I’ve ever had. The fog rolled in just as we were leaving making us think the whole shoot would be fogged out. As we passed under the Blue Water bridge we started to be able to see the sun burning through which is beautifully shown in the header shot. The light stayed that way for a while, creating opportunities for really cool ghostly shots. It then cleared and the water stayed calm, allowing Chris Herbert and Brad Guldemond to give us direction over the VHF to position the boats for the best shots. Big kudos to them for herding all the cats / boats into some very cool arrangements. There were 17 captains ready to go at 6AM to make this happen.

Photo Gallery

Photos: Shannon Knight

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