Port Huron Boat Show

2019 Port Huron Boat Show

“Boat the Blue”, the 2018 ACBS International Boat Show in 2018 was a resounding success.  Not only did it receive positive recognition from the ACBS boating community, it also received tremendous recognition from the Port Huron businesses and sponsors as one of the most successful events ever held in Port Huron.

Because of this recognition, the communication between the Boat the Blue show committee and city representatives did not end after the event.  After a number of very productive meetings, there was a mutual decision made by all involved to change the structure and scheduling of future Port Huron shows.

There will not be a Port Huron show in 2019.  There will be a 2020 show and then all future shows will be on a two year schedule, with a 2022 show and a 2024 show that could possibly be another ACBS International Boat Show (like 2018).

The biennial Port Huron show will be a bigger multi-day event with more local involvement and sponsorship than in the past.  The planning for a 2020 event on that scale will begin very soon.

We think this is a very positive change to our future chapter schedule of events and will enhance the experience of all those involved in future Port Huron Antique and Classic Boat Shows.

If you are interested in being a part of the planning or volunteer to help with the Port Huron show in 2020, please contact me at greglewand@aol.com.

Greg Lewandowski

Vice Commodore